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Clip Close

This new bag sealing Clip Close makes light work of sealing your products into plastic bags.

In case of freezing you product, you can use and re-use the clip. No more messing around with twist-ties, impossible to remove tape or trying to tie knots in bags. With a quick twist and a move into the clip machine, your bag is neatly sealed.  No force needed.

Ready for easy re-opening.


Works with different kinds of clips.

What kind of clips?
1. Made of plastic (PE) 
2. Made of biodegradable plastic
3. Paper

The machine can handle them all. Partly due to the use of direct drive with a modern maintenance-free motor and a minimum of moving parts (total 4), the new sealing machine is ultra compact and fast working.

Access to the clip transport is possible by a magnetic cover, which also allows acces for easy cleaning.

The machine has been developed sustainably, is 100% recyclable and has a lifespan of more than 1 million closing movements.
That would be 8-10 years with average to intensive use.

Ordering clips

Small amounts of clips we can send to you, to get started (up to 1 million).

Play Video

Bigger amounts of clips could be available in your own country

Check clips from the producer Kwiklok:


New: date printer

This adds the functionality that when you close the bag, it prints the date of closing.

S-Strips stainless steel 4 mm

Self adhesive Strips for stable position on the table (our favourite).

Plastic table clamp

Easy if you use the machine at different locations.

Magnetic holder

Easy for clamping to the side of a bread-slicer, or steel wall.

How to clean and install

Easy to use

The machine is easy to use, press to bag in the opening and the machine pushes the clip.



New additional option on the ClipClose. The machine can also print the closing date on the clip.


Easy Cleaning

Weekly cleaning easy acces. With regular cleaning, the device will work properly and last a long time.


Technical info

Power Supply Adaptor GTS60A Meanwell 110-230 Vac
KW/Amp 50 Watt / 1,2 Amp.
Volt 24 Vdc
Weight 5,9 Kg
Closure type several form Kwik-Lok USA, and Schutte NL
Plug 24 Volt J1     2,1 x 5,5 x 11 mm
Dimensions W x L x H W=16 cm L=47 cm H=27 cm


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      Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.