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Freek & Martine Herman started ABO bread slicers in 1992.
Freek is the 3rd generation to design, produce and market the ABO breadslicers. By letting the company ONLY make bread slicers, a new line of machines was soon developed in close cooperation with customers and experience in service.

In this way, the ABO machine was always in close contact with the customers AND the products to be cut are always adapted to the market.

We now have over 25 types of bread that all have to be sliced ​​over the same machine. These fine tuning adjustments kept the machines working efficient and keeping up with market changes. The design of the machines has also always been taken into account with ease of maintenance. After all, cleaning and good service double the lifespan of a machine. Even the best machine cannot survive bad maintenance!

In 2008, the first ABO machines with GLAS control panels came onto the market with a GSM message for changing knives.
Clean and sustainable are always winners in efficient business operations. After all, the machines are a tool for the user to solve their business processes efficiently.

A new era

The ABO MATIC4, which was developed in 2012, has been labeled by many as the best bread slicer ever. An uncompromising machine that is certainly not cheap, but very reliable and extremely easy to operate, auto-start was a safe new feature on this machine. Put in bread and the machine started to cut automatically.

In 2018, Freek introduced the Baguette slicer to the Dutch market, this at the request of 2 major retailers. Many cutting hours were spent pre-cutting baguettes. Because this operation was not really convenient via the traditional bread slicer, the “Baguette Slicer” was introduced.

A success from day 1, which was even briefly big news on Social Media. A new experience for us, to get a spin-off effect in sales through Social Media. The ever-growing production of the ABO machines has been causing considerable work pressure in Leek, where the machines were built.

The Baguette is a large machine that took up a lot of logistical space during production, so Freek decided to transfer the production to JAC in Belgium.
Together with them new developments were started.

In 2019, Freek and Martine stopped the day-to-day management of ABO and the name and products were transferred to JAC, where was established to continue sales and service in The Netherlands. Daughter Nathalie and production manager Rik Veenma became the driving forces behind this company, which has already established a good reputation.

The long knowledge of the products and maintenance is a great value in the company, Nathalie has been doing the logistics for more than 15 years and Rik was a professional in the workshop. Freek and Martine could therefore focus on international sales of the Baguette and in 2021 Freek also started developing a handy shutter for closing the bread bags.

There was really only the tape neck-sealers available for this, a closure that is not users – friendly, often also littering the environment.

However, we have to mention that not the product, but the people create the littering…..Making all packages degradable is helpfull, but not the real solution for a clean environment, as the people have to take responsibility also in their behaviour.

For example, the new Clipclose shutter was developed and tested by several customers during 1 year. The first series were delivered in spring 2021.

Meanwhile, multi-franchisers from various NL retailers have already purchased the machines and sales are also well underway in EU, Australia and the USA.

THE new adaptations for processing PAPER clips is in full swing and the first ones are now being delivered.

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